Boldly going forward, still can’t find reverse… oh, hang on a minute…

Ben asked me what I thought of the new Star Trek film. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. When I first heard about it I thought it was a terrible idea. I didn’t understand the point of going back to Kirk and Spock – why not go forward?

I still would like them to go forward – hell, I’m a total TNG/DS9/VOY fangirl and really, really want to know what’s happened in the Federation world since they all went away (novelisations are not the same thing, especially Trek novelisations, which are usually a bit rubbish). But I don’t feel as hesitant as I did about the new film.

Reasons to be excited:

  • The promo shots of the new sets and costumes look fab.
  • Batman’s multiple reinventions showed us that going back to the start can sometimes be a good thing.
  • JJ Abrams should do it well.
  • Some of the cast will be amazing and seem very suited to the parts: Quinto is an inspired choice for Spock.
  • They have said they won’t do away with everything that’s happened in ‘real’ Trek.
  • They’ll probably make a Lego Star Trek computer game, which can only be ace.
  • If loads of people see it and love it, then maybe, maybe, maybe, we can get a new series set in the 24th or 25th century.

Reasons to be fearful:

  • The continuity is definitely going to be uber-questionable: especially as Chekov wasn’t even in Star Trek TOS until series 2, and he’s here from the start. They are also going to bring in references from TNG, DS9, VOY and Enterprise. TNG, fine – ish, given it’s in the future, but DS9 and VOY happen in different flipping quadrants, and Enterprise was awful. Oh, and the Romulans look completely different.
  • Some of the cast seem ‘interesting’ choices. I love Simon Pegg, but as Scotty??
  • Superman proved that revisiting classics doesn’t always work.
  • Shatner, Nimoy and co ARE Kirk, Spock and crew; anyone else doing it is always going to feel wrong.
  • It just doesn’t feel like ‘proper’ Star Trek.

I guess the thing to do is watch it as if you were new to Trek, as if the five series (or four if you discount Enterprise) that have gone before us are a whole different stream altogether. I think it will be great as a film, I think it will be really fun and exciting and special.

But do I think I will believe in it as Star Trek? I doubt it.


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