Me, Myself and I

Haven’t updated for ages, so I yoinked this from Ben and will fill it in with things I would have blogged if I’d had time…

I am: getting very stressed out by all the continual forms my PhD requires, and thinking I wouldn’t have started the course if I’d known how bad they would be.
I think: Britain’s Got the Pop Factor was very funny, especially the dead nana, the flying and the winner’s song.
I know: Christmas will do nothing for my figure, but it only happens once a year, so I’m not sure I care.
I have: a lot of library books to read.
I wish: I could lose weight or I had the metabolism of people who don’t exercise, eat crap and still stay slim. Bastards.
I hate: my nose and my weight. Self-esteem issues much?
I miss: Star Trek.
I fear: the Rf2.
I hear: that the caterwaulers from Strictly Come Dancing have released an album. Why?
I smell: cookies, from an experiment last night.
I crave: rest.
I search: for the right copy of my ethics form because, as with all these things, there are lots of drafts about.
I wonder: how bad the weather’s going to be at the weekend.
I regret: eating too much on Saturday.
I love: my bread machine.
I ache: all the time because I exercise a lot.
I am not: losing any weight. Or very original in these answers.
I believe: peanut Revels were a lot better than the raisin ones.
I dance: when drunk.
I sing: worse than I did when I went to church. Guess I’m out of practice.
I cry: when I have my period.
I fight: BBC Three and their ludicrous decision to axe stuff like Pulling for crap like Coming of Age.
I win: at Trivial Pursuit quite often.
I lose: my socks and hair bands.
I never: like using the telephone.
I always: repeat words like so, anyway and however when I write.
I confuse: my breathing and moving at the same time in yoga; my arms and legs in aerotone.
I listen: to Chris Moyles on the way to Lincoln even though I hate him, because it keeps me awake at 6.30 in the morning.
I can usually be found: online.
I am scared: but I often don’t know why.
I need: a holiday somewhere sunny and chilled.
I am happy about: Leon Jackson not getting to number 1.
I imagine: the next three weeks up til the play will be a bit too full-on for my liking.


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