I just wish I could have told him in the living years

Yoinked from another blog, but thought it would be fun. I’d ask you all to play along but hardly any of you ever do 😦 Anyway, it’s advice you’d give to yourself 2, 5, 10 and 15 years ago….

2 years – 2006

  • Give up trying to figure it out, enjoy the good things in life and just accept that this is never going to be something you understand. And if God is real, one day He’ll come good. If He isn’t, He isn’t worth this stress.
  • Don’t buy a crappy cheapo bed frame.
  • The drugs don’t work, they just make you worse.
  • Get broadband when you move and don’t fanny about for a year.
  • DON’T sign up with T-Mobile.

5 years – 2003

  • Make sure you have more in your life than church and the Monday night pub quiz.
  • Just because someone promises you the earth, doesn’t mean they’ll deliver.
  • Don’t lose your head in trying to have hope/faith. Keep a modicum of sense and restraint.
  • Grow some balls.
  • The pill will sort out your abdominal pain – go for Marvelon, because all the others will make you ill – but you’ll put on a lot of weight, so you might want to be proactive about getting medical advice on how to tackle that rather than waiting five years when the problem is one and a bit dress sizes worse.

10 years – 1998

  • Do more studenty things. OK, you’ve got the drinking and dancing down, but try and spend more of your life being young and irresponsible.
  • Don’t go to church twice on a Sunday and three times in the week.
  • Roxette will almost certainly never make a good album again.
  • Get a proper job after uni and save for a house, even if it means going without other things. It’ll be the only time they’ll ever be vaguely affordable, and you can do more fun stuff later when you’re settled.
  • Don’t buy anything except coffee, chips or toast from Steeley’s. You’ll only regret it.

15 years – 1993

  • Rebel!
  • Don’t spend too much time fawning over certain people or ideas. It’s not going to be healthy in the long term.
  • All that junk food you like now – you’ll regret it in a few years’ time when you’re overweight even though you eat an average of 8 portions of fruit and veg a day and exercise all the bloody time, especially as you have a bloody good figure now (and will have for another five years).
  • Do stupid teenage things more, even if you don’t like it much. It will at least help you feel normal.
  • It’s not worth buying much music this year, it pretty much all sucks.

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