Please, Mr Robinson

We met the freshers on Tuesday. It was quite fun, Mike did a welcome to the course thing, then they did a bingo type thing where you get to know people, fill in answers to questions (e.g. favourite film of the past year) and if anyone had the answers on Steve’s sheet, they got points.

One of the questions was favourite TV shows. I was talking to a couple of students and said mine was Neighbours (it’s probably really Doctor Who or The Apprentice or something, but Neighbours is my longest ongoing TV relationship and it’s on at the moment and it’s so damn good right now, that it was the first thing that came to mind), and that I’d watched it since it was first on, before it was on at tea-time and we could only watch it in the school holidays. Kirk, ‘bless’ him, then said ‘was that when Toadie had long hair’? (I looked it up, and Toadie’s hair gets shorn somewhere between ’99 and ’00. So he hasn’t had long hair for nine years. Ulp.)

Shocked, I said, oh no, way before that, when Helen Daniels and Jim Robinson were in it. No, he said, never heard of them. I said this was ’86, ’87. He said ‘ I wasn’t even a twinkle in me dad’s eye’.

Now I can accept that the freshers were born in 1990, a whole two years after British audiences saw Scott and Charlene tie the knot. But I can’t accept them not knowing their history. I mean, just think, there’s a whole generation who know Jim Robinson for his roles in Ugly Betty, Lost, 24 etc rather than for being JIM ROBINSON. They probably even call him Alan Dale.


One thought on “Please, Mr Robinson

  1. This cannot be allowed to happen, Ruth. You must join me in my quest to introduce all students to the rightful path of calling JIM ROBINSON FROM NEIGHBOURS by his proper name, which is JIM ROBINSON FROM NEIGHBOURS.

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