It’s looking like a beautiful day

Congratulations to Elbow on winning the Mercury last night. I always feel that award is a bit of a poisoned chalice, as many winners sink without a trace not long after it, but at least Elbow have had lenty of experience of relative obscurity in the past and they’ve got some longevity, so they may well be able to ride out the curse of the Mercury. I have three of their albums, and The Seldom Seen Kid is definitely my favourite of them. Arguably In Rainbows was a better album, but it would never win in a million trillion years, and my fave on the list was The Last Shadow Puppets, but Alex Turner won the other year and would never win it twice, especially not with his side-project.

With One Fine Day (a seriously great song) getting tons and tons of telly play (backing all kinds of clips) the royalties will also be piling up for Elbow. It’s always nice when years of hard slog pays off, and they seemed geniunely thrilled to win.

So, the Booker’s next,then. I haven’t heard of any of the books on the shortlist, but I’ve ordered some from the library. Anyone read any of them yet? Opinions?


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