Room Service

Hahahaha, this is brilliant (slash insane)

Oh, and Marie Fredriksson’s been number 1 in Sweden revently (maybe still is for all I know) with this, which is from a Swedish movie of some sort. I’m not sure what I think. She sounds good, but it’s a little dull. Still, her solo music (and Per’s) has always been a bit hit and miss: songs like I En Tid Som Var and Tro are great; the stuff on The Change is a pile of pants (and I so wanted to like it, what with it being her English album and her post-cancer album, but it sucks). Likewise, Per’s solo stuff contains a few gems and a load of duffers. Clearly the magic is in the combination of the two. Anyway, see what you think (I’m also thinking she’s showing her age a bit (she’s 50, as is every other popstar in the world. 1958 was clearly the year for it. The roll call is hundreds long and includes Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, Thurston Moore, Neil Finn, Belinda Carlisle, Nik Kershaw, Simon Le Bon, Mike Mills, Nikki Sixx, Gary Numan and Pete Wylie) and could maybe do with a new haircut and putting some weight on. But not some Madonna style leotard embarrassment)


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