But if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need

I got holiday pay fromLincoln today which was very unexpected and a nice amount to go onto my car repayments, meaning they will hurt even less than I thought they would.

That said, am still feeling anxious about the whole car thing – and I would feel this way whatever I bought and however much it cost: it’s the unknown more than the amount of money – not knowing what things might go wrong with it over time, and if they do what will go wrong, what it will cost etc to repair (and I have a year’s warranty on most of the bits other than tyres and stuff like that so it isn’t even THAT much of a deal yet) and also the fear of having any more accidents or thefts. My insurance record is really shot to pieces and I want to build up some proper no claims now but things seem to just happen to me!

I haven’t been able to concentrate on doing much work all week, although I got some marking done today. Hate always having this anxiety about everything, wish I was the kind of person who found relaxing easy (having fun is easy, but not relaxing per se).

I hope my insurance certificate arrives tomorrow so I can pick the car up, if it arrives Saturday then that’s just another day’s stress. Plus I am going to Gy on Sat to meet Ad’s new missus and take the car on a good old motorway trip (well, if you can call the M1/M18/M180/A180 crappy route ‘good’).


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