You and I define a pleasure no-one else has ever known

Bless Channel 4. For the third show in a row they’ve shown a Kylie tour, nary five minutes after it’s happened in reality. For those of us who still haven’t managed to see Dame M live, these shows (and the live DVDs) are a godsend.

Kylie X 2008 was cut somewhat by the limitations of a 2-hour broadcast slot (that Kylie’s such a trooper, the show itself must be well over 2 hours), but it was still a good show. However, it lacked a certain je ne sais qua (or even a Je Ne Sais Pas Pourqoi hoho) when compared to the Showgirl, Fever and Light Years tours. I’m not sure what the problem was, perhaps choosing some of the weaker tracks from X (Nu-Di-Frickin-Worst-Kylie-Song-Ever-Ty? You could at least have bunged Cosmic in there, even though I am probably the only person who thinks it’s genius) and not making the best choices for non-X tracks (I love Kids and On a Night Like This, but so bored of them being in the setlist now. Reintroduce some of the other lost classics instead. And was White Diamond seriously Showgirl tour only? It hasn’t even had a proper studio release, and it’s fantastic. And am I the only one who thinks Some Kind of Bliss needs revisiting in a live capacity?)

It’s Kylie, it’s obviously great, and the staging and costumes were fab as always, but coming off the back of three mega-amazing tours, this tour needed a bit more reinvention rather than retreading the same old Light Years-era ground (note: not an excuse to stop doing Your Disco Needs You, though).

The best bit, though, was the finale. No More Rain followed by The One [followed by something else I can’t remember right now because I was so overcome by the preceding tracks] and ending with I Should Be So Lucky, done properly and poppy. Oh yes.

No More Rain is fast threatening to eclipse Got To Be Certain as my favourite Kylie track, althoguh that’s partly cos it has some resonance for me, symbolising the phoenix-from-ashes like quality of the past year. And The One, despite Parlophone’s messing about with its ‘to be or not to be a single’ business, is wowowowowow.

Bless her, love her.

Oh, and in other news, I have got AHRC funding for the remainder of my PhD. Wooooooo!


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