Touched for the very first time

We moved into the swanky new building (for that is its official name. OK, no it isn’t, it’s The Furnival building, but SHU haven’t even bothered putting signage on it yet, so the swanky new building it shall remain) this week. It’s lovely and clean and bright and untainted. We’ll give that til October. It’s still not quite finished: the lifts are covered in protective coating, the catering area is only just being set up and the hairdryers in the ladies’ don’t work yet, but it’s clean and fresh and bright and swanky and we have a tap thing that does ice cold drinking water and boiling hot cup of tea water. Oh, and the most ridiculously wide monitors ever.

Moving into the new building has coincided with an upturn in doing my PhD. Am even feeling vaguely enthustastic about the lit review and textual analysis, which have been annoying me recently. And the interview stage begins soon, with promises from Robert Beckford, Ajmal Masroor and ‘the lesbian one’ from Make Me a Christian that they will be interviewed soon.

Of course, life is life, so all this goodness has coincided with me coming down with a really horrible cold and having my head too fuggy to concentrate on doing any work whatsoever…


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