Saturday Night at the Movies

The telly isn’t that great at the moment, is it? And life isn’t that interesting whilst teaching isn’t happening. There’s my research, but that’s at the dull stage of finishing one part off (though an exciting new stage is nearly here). Fortunately, films and books are there to save the day.

The cinema has been so dull through the spring, but the summer is really livening up. I haven’t yet seen everything I hoped to see (The Dark Knight, Paris, Baby Mama and several others) but I have seen the smile-a-thon that was Mama Mia, the cute Wall-E and the mysterious X Files: I Want to Believe.

Wall-E is being lauded all over the place and is tipped to win all kinds of awards. The problem with it is the same problem Ratatouille had before it: there is simply no way it can live up to the hype around it. It is by no means the best thing since sliced bread, but it is lovely, cute, emotional and exceptionally well animated.

The X Files: I Want to Believe has had some pretty poor press and didn’t go down all that well in the States, which is a pity, because it is a decent little film with a pretty strightforward, yet intriguing plot. There are flaws: several plot holes, some unexplained stuff (just what the deal is between Mulder and Scully is never really explained) and it never feels quite ‘X-filey’ enough, but it’s still a good enough romp for me. AND I got the complete X Files box set for less than £70 from HMV so it’s all good.

Books-wise, I have been catchin up on library books so the new Naomi Klein and Danny Wallace tomes are still sitting, tempting me. I have been good though. That said, although I’ve red a lot and enjoyed most of them, very few stick in my memory. The most memorable is probably Lionel Shriver’s The Post Birthday World, which a lot of people have struggled with, but I really enjoyed. See also: The X Files.

I’m not even easily pleased, I’m just contrary.


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