You can drive me home

I miss my car. I’m finding it harder to sleep at night at the moment, tense, wondering if they’ll come back and rob someone else’s car; wondering if someone will rob the flats as well; scared they might find my car but all the stuff in it will be gone (nothing expensive, just some sentimental tapes), worried they might find my car but it be a mess, worried about the financial cost of all this, worried about what my job will be next year to fund whatever I need to do, yadda yadda yadda.

Anyway, I am assuming it’s not coming back, and I’m not entirely sure how I’d feel if it did (though it would be nice to get the tapes back). In the meantime I am back to living in sucky public transport land. Public transport is rubbish. You either have to walk miles to get from home to stop to stop to destination and so on, or change onto multiple forms of transport with ensuing lots of waiting at stops time; the buses and trams are not integrated, thus cost you a fortune; it’s full of noisy teenagers and people with annoying mobile phones; it takes FOREVER to get anywhere; it’s expensive and I get travel sick. (And no I’m not someone who’s been pampered and car reliant all their life. I got my first car when I was almost 25 and so I know for sure how much better it is to have one than not!)

Of course, you know, it’s better for the environment… except, paradoxically, I can’t recycle without a car (other than paper). If anyone feels green and wants to take my recycling for me, let me know, otherwise I am going against all my principles and binning the waste and thus cancelling out any good carbon footprint stuff I will gain from being car-less.


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