Intergalactic, planetary

I can’t wait until Saturday (and the Saturday after).

The Doctor!
Donna Noble!
Wilf Noble!
Sylvia Noble!
Martha Jones!
Ianto Jones!
Harriet Jones!
Francine Jones!
Rose Tyler!
Jackie Tyler!
Mickey Smith!
Luke Smith!
Sarah Jane Smith!
Mr Smith!
Gwen Cooper!
Jack Harkness!
Probably loads of people I’ve forgotten!
Disappearing planets!

This series of Who has been awesome, and with its tie in to spin off series Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures, the finale looks set to be AMAZING…


… I have a bad feeling something horrible will happen to Donna. And I love Donna.

Catherine Tate has been great, Donna has been great, as have Jacqueline King/Sylvia and Bernard Cribbins/Wilf. Last week’s episode was heartbreaking in places.

They also better not kill Martha, but I don’t think they will.

(I’m not fussed if they kill Rose, she is so over).

Why can’t we just have Martha, Donna and Doctor 10 flying around in the TARDIS forever (with occasional trips by Sarah Jane, Jack, Wilf, Jackie, Sylvia, Tish and Ianto)?

I know we’ll all be over it by Christmas and excited about the specials, but right now I want Donna’s adventures to go on for ever. Bravo the Noble family and all who played you: you were a welcome addition to British drama. Awards, please.


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