Losing my favourite game

Lots of tidbits for you today…

I had a minor operation this morning (and I mean minor, it was done at a doctor’s surgery. not even at a hospital) to remove a lump of tissue that was on my leg. It had been there ages (I had it checked out a long time ago to make sure it wasn’t dangerous) but had become hard and painful so it was time for it to go. But because I have stitches and because the lump could have been scar tissue, I am not allowed to aggravate it in any way, which means I can’t go swimming (something I hadn’t thought about, but obvious really, that stitches would prohibit me from going to the pool) and I also can’t exercise, for 2-3 weeks, and then I go on holiday, so it will be four weeks before I can exercise again. Now, old me would have been happy at the prospect of not being ALLOWED to exercise, but new me is horrified. My four (sometimes five, occasionally three) exercise sessions a week have become quite a key part of my life and even sometimes enjoyable. It has been well documented that if I get out of a routine, I struggle to get back in it, and I’ve found a routine that’s good for me… and now I have to have four weeks off it, by doctor’s orders. Pah.

Talking of exercising, Fiona, her friend Ellie, and Emma M were amongst those doing the Race for Life this weekend, which was great and they did really well.

In SHU news, my official move date into the new office (which I even have the room number of now) in the swanky new Furnival building is September 1. However, this is a bit of a joke as the computers in our office were stolen a couple of weeks ago and won’t be replaced, so it just means being without an office for ages (we’d expected to move sooner but the build is behind schedule). There was a farewell to Psalter Lane day last weekend, photos on FB. It was really sad, but it hasn’t sunk in yet. That place has been a huge part of my life, for three years as a student and three years as a teacher (and even occasional visits to its library in the inbetween years) and I can’t believe it’s going. I’m sure I’ll dwell on it some more over the coming weeks. At least our offices will be in the swanky new building, unlike the art department, who are all being consigned to windowless basements.

Marking has finished now, and it was such a ridiculous slog this year. I really hope I don’t need to do quite as much as that ever again. This means I have more time to study. Unfortunately I have really boring things to do like write up a huge pile of quotes from books and analyse a stack of programmes that are currently clogging up my DVR. Last night saw two more shows arrive on it, with another two on Wednesday and more next week. It’s great they keep showing these things, as it proves my thesis about their prominence, but it doesn’t help me actually start writing, which I must start doing over the summer (even though anything I write now will change out of all recognition by the end of the thing).

Oh, and even though TV is a more barren place than usual right now, I am loving the return of Mary, Queen of Shops, really loving Doctor Who (and am scared they might kill off Donna. If they kill anyone, can’t it be Rose? I like her, but the show needs to get over her, and a death would do the trick), enjoying Supersizers Go…. and think Giles and Sue should just do loads of things together, as they are a great pairing, and find that Storyville, True Stories and Dispatches keep coming up with the goods on a regular basis.

Right, that should do you for another week or so until I have the time/motivation to blog again…


One thought on “Losing my favourite game

  1. Awww hope you’re feeling OK soon! I wish there was some better TV to keep you occupied while you sit out your exercise ban!

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