I have to celebrate you, baby

A few good things to celebrate today:

More4 and BBC Four
Because they are just wonderful, aren’t they? Fancy a bit of foodie telly? Some unusual documentary? Catching that show you missed on the ‘main’ channel? Sorted. I’m particularly partial to More4’s True Stories strand of documentary films on a Tuesday, but both channels are great.

Gareth Robinson’s new album
OK, I haven’t heard it yet (it’s on order), and considering my fragile spiritual-emotional state, the title song may be a bit too triggery to listen to, but whatever my religious convictions of late, it’s a Gareth album, and Gareth is great and so are his albums.

Nice students
I had tutorials with most of my Wednesday groups today and they were mostly just lovely. My tune may change when I see the fruits of their labour, mind.

The Apprentice
Yada yada, not as good as previous, yada yada. The naysayers can get lost. It remains awesome. And we remain blogging it.

Comic Potential
The next play is next week (Wed-Sat) at the Sheffield University Drama Studio. All proceeds to Bluebell Wood Children’s Hopsice, so please book.

All new LC
Can’t say too much, but the homepage will be getting all whizzed up in the next few days and jolly good it’s looking too.

Innocent’s purple passionfruits and lychee smoothie
Made of awesome.


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