Doctorin’ the house

I realise I haven’t posted much about my PhD. That’s because I’m not getting very far – partly because I have a lot of other things on, but partly also because it just seems to be a constant barrage of form-filling and revising forms again and again and again and again, so I feel really demotivated about it all at the moment. Bueracracy sucks. And it’s a word I can’t spell.

In other news, though, I saw Equus at the Lyceum on Saturday. I didn’t really know much about it other than it was something to do with horses (and to be honest, to say much more would give a lot away) but I thought it was good – strange, but good. The cast were great (apart from the girl who plays Jill) and it included Simon Callow which is always a bonus. Alfie Allen was surprisingly good, too.

Other than that, there isn’t a lot to say right now, but I thought I should update.

Oh, and the weather is really doing my head in. I know we in Britain have always had eccentric weather, but seriously, enough with the wind and snow now. We need a summer!


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