How do you describe a feeling?

Reasons why you should buy Kylie’s X (if you haven’t already)

1. It’s the best album she’s done since Light Years. And Light Years was IMNENSE.
2. It’s really cheap in most places at the moment.
3. After several months of ownership and several more purchases since, it is still the most played thing at chez Deller in 2008.
4. No More Rain.
5. The One.
6. Cosmic.

7. The singles.

8. She had cancer, you know.
9. Her albums never generate the sales they deserve.
10. It’s just a big beamy smile of an album.
11. You can always fast-forward Nu-di-ty and Speakerphone.
12. It’s KYLIE.

One thought on “How do you describe a feeling?

  1. PREACH IT, sister.

    Although Speakerphone really does not need fastforwarding through under any circumstances (unless you only have time to listen to X’s six best songs. I quite enjoy Nu-di-ty as well, but I can totally understand why few others do. Yu have to admit that a song with ELEPHANT NOISES has its merits though.)

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