Sick of being sick

My body is having a strop. I think it may be punishing me for Saturday. I agreed to do some surveys for the Mystery Shopping company I occasionally work for. I didn’t realise I’d agreed to stand outside for over eight hours in absolutely freezing drizzle with no people to talk to. It was so awful. The pay was Ok-ish, but not worth that much nastiness. Were it a warm day in May/June, it would be a different story. And I am supposed to be doing more in April. Gulp. I may call it off, even though I really need the cash.

Anyway, whilst I haven’t come down with a major cold yet, and my back has recovered OK (it totally seized up during the afternoon at one point with the combination of the cold and the standing up carrying my heavy chest around all day), the rest of my body seems to be having a grump. I got so knackered this afternoon I had a little sleep, despite sleeping a decent amount last night, and now I feel mega sick. Rubbish.

Oh, and last night I did something really stupid. I was carrying a lot of stuff around the flat, so I put a magazine in my mouth to carry. Big mistake. The cover ripped the skin off my bottom lip, which really, really hurt. Don’t try that at home, kids.

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