All White Now

Has anyone else been watching the White season on BBC2? So far it has been quite depressing. Last Orders was an overlong look at a working men’s club and a bunch of grumpy slightly-racist old buggers who use it. Some of them were nice and warm, but many were offensive. Then there was the Enoch Powell thing which was way too uncritical of the racist old git. Then there was White Girl, the highlight so far, a drama about the only white family in a mostly Muslim neighbourhood. The plot was ho-hum and rushed, the issues were either cliched or not drawn out enough, but it was engaging and the children in it were amazing. Then tonight was Here Come the Poles, a doc about immigration. You got all these people complaining about immigrants ‘taking all the jobs’ and yet refusing to take work because they didn’t fancy it.

Alongside this, I had a student doing a dissertation on comedy and race – a really interesting topic, really badly executed, and in one part he said ‘I believe these comedies are racist [which is disputable – highly so] and are against immigrants [the scenes were nothing to do with immigration at all] because everyone I have met is against immigration’. Well, that can’t be true, because he’s met me.

Anyway. If all thesewhingeing bigots keep moaning about how they want to leave the country, let them. They could add to the immigration situation in, ooh, France, or Germany or somewhere else with a much higher influx than Britain.

I’m not saying there aren’t problems with multiculturalism and integration. But the problems are nowhere near as bad as Daily Mail and Express readers make out. Oh, it all just makes me angry. And that’s before we get started on the racism-by-exclusion of much of the British media, which we will be discussing in class tomorrow. Should I be well enough to go.


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