Station H.A.P.P.Y. we plan to help your days go by

Well, after my post about the traumas I was going through the other day, things got worse. The third boiler man came on Saturday. He discovered there was a part needed and a small leak coming from the boiler. He showed me how to refill the boiler so I could get a shower; it would leak a little still but should be OK for only a short thing like a shower. Fine.

Saturday night stayed at El and Lee’s, so I got a shower there. Monday morning came and I decided to shower at home. My neighbours had already left for the day and according to the boiler man, it would be OK. As I got out of the shower and got one of my contact lenses ready to put in, there was a distressing noise, and then the sound of a lot of rushing water.

With a towel round me, and contact lens on finger, I ran to the kitchen to see water seeping across the floor and to hear a lot of gushing coming from the pipes under the boiler. Contact lens fell to the floor, into the water, never to be seen again (fortunately they were due their monthly replacement anyway). Boiler off, still crazy water. I call the gas people, panicking, I need them to come out. The lady takes my number. I run around finding towels to mop up the leak, then a dressing gown because my towel is in danger of escape. Then my glasses so I can see.

I realise my slippers are soaked through, so I throw them in the washing machine and root around for my flip flops. The water is going everywhere so I rush to get more towels. All the towels I have, bar one, are all over the floor.

I get a call from the gas people – would I mind waiting til tomorrow, because that’s when the part will come? MY KITCHEN IS FLOODING. NOW. A LOT. NO, I DO NOT WANT TO WAIT TIL TOMORROW. at this point I am crying. Oh, er, OK. Someone will come out.

I call the HA to tell them, and to request help to clean up when the gas people have finished. I also say someone will need to check the downstairs flat because no-one is there and there is a good chance the water has gone through. the woman tells me I need to find the stopcock. I don’t know where it is. You need to find it. Thanks. I run around the flat, the outside (in flipflops, dressing gown only, specs, with dripping hair and in floods of panic tears) to no avail. My neighbours are out and I can’t ask them. Eventually I find it, turn off the water, move the manky wet towels around a bit, cry some more.

I run around to get dressed in the quickest manner possible before the boiler man comes. Boiler man 4 comes and after much rooting around, discovers a pipe has burst as well as the boiler problem. Apparently it had been done very shoddily in the first place and it was a wonder it hadn’t burst before. My refilling the boiler had caused it – it wouldn’t have happened this time if I hadn’t done that. But it would have blown at some stage, so, in retrospect, the shower wasn’t a bad thing as they’d never have found the pipe had I not done that!

Oh, and he couldn’t fix it on Monday, it would have to be Tuesday morning, which is when I was taking the car to the garage.

In a flood of tears and stress, I posted on LC asking for links to cheer me up – I got plenty, thanks guys (and also a few smites in the process. Harsh.).

I then called the HA again to let them know what was happening and got someone slightly nicer, who has said people will come out to check the water damage to the units etc is sorted soon. I will see if this happens.

Yesterday was stressful, but the scenes going on were so comical they wouldn’t have looked out of place in Some Mothers Do Ave Em.

Today I managed to get the car to the garage and get myself home before boilermen 5 and 6 came. They were here for ages, made lots of scary noises, but appear to have fixed the problems. The car is also better. I am so happy. It’s funny the things in life we take for granted but when they go and then return, we are so grateful.

And it’s a good job I was planning to buy some new towels at Ikea this weekend anyway.

PS thanks to Carrie, Antonia, El, Lee, Lesa, Fiona, Jode, Schmindie, Gareth, Steven, Coxy, LM, Kerry and probably loads of people I forgot to mention for the lifts, offers of lifts, laughs, texts and showers over the past week!


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