You gotta speed it up, and then you gotta slow it down

Then things I have done so far today:

1) Had the third boilerman out. Apparently, yes, it does need a part, and i might get one at some point next week, and then I can have heating and hot water again. Woop.

2) Watched American Idol (thank goodness for the fastforward button). It was very long and I only like about three boys and about two girls so far. Still, that’s way more than in The X Factor.

3) Typed up some quotes from books. This is an achievement as it is by far the most boring part of the PhD. One day I will get a funky pen scanner thing, like the one Dave Ducker lent me last year.

4) Beat Kirsten at Scramble on Facebook. This is great, because she always beats me at Scrabulous, so I think I will set up more Scramble games with her.

5) Been to the library. Libraries are ace. They have most of the books you need, and if they don’t have them in your branch, you can order them for free. They have free computers, lots of DVDs at cheap rental rates and borrowing books means you don’t get annoyed at spending money if you hate them. The only drawback is that it is heavy carrying a big bag of books to and from home.

6) Got apple stuck in my teeth. This is really annoying, especially as I forgot to buy dental floss.

7) Visited this site: which is pretty funny. I might use it in some of my race seminars, except I’m not sure students will get it.

8) Managed a trip to and from the Broomhill shops, skillfully avoiding getting wet. This is rare.

9) Watched Ashes to Ashes. It’s OK. I wish it was set later in the 80s, I wasn’t very big in 1981 and don’t really remember it.

10) Finally ordered a Northern Soul album that Gareth recommended to me a few weeks ago. Hope it’s good.


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