God bless strawberry jam, vaudeville and variety

Things I am loving about 2008 already:

  • Getting a free wardrobe and telly from my neighbour who was getting rid of stuff
  • The new series of Jam and Jerusalem
  • And Come Dine With Me
  • Getting some cheap make-up and perfume in the Jan sales
  • Discovering I have so many toiletries I won’t need to buy any (save haircare) for months
  • Ditto chocolate
  • My messy cupboard no longer being messy

Things I hope will happen in 2008:

  • Getting PhD funding second time round
  • Getting enough teaching work this semester and a decent summer job
  • Having some kind of breakthrough in the whole God area
  • The Booker list will be interesting
  • I will discover some great new music
  • Saving enough cash to go to Berlin for a mini-hol
  • Completing The Masks of Nyarlothotep with VICTORY rather than the end of the world
  • Kylie’s X tour being on DVD or TV so I can see it
  • Neighbours getting good again, and five treating it well

Things I am really looking forward to in 2008:

  • Going to London to visit the British Library AND to meet Carrie, Steven and Christopher
  • Seeing Richard, Kathryn, Emily and Joannah and hearing how vicar factory is going and seeing how the kids have grown.
  • Seeing Mirrie and Rosie grow, especially getting to have more actual conversations with Rosie.
  • Having my hair coloured again
  • Going to the spa and getting a back massage at some point. Maybe as a birthday present to myself.
  • Turning 28. At long bloody last the twenties are nearing their end.
  • Masterchef
  • Celebrity Masterchef
  • The Apprentice
  • This:
  • This:
  • And this:

Happy New Year!!!


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