It was Christmas Eve, babe

For one brief, glorious moment last week, when I saw that The Pogues were number 1 on the iTunes chart, and Leon Jackson and his suddenly newly accquired deeply scottish ‘singing’ voice was only at number three, it looked as though the evil plans of messrs Cowell and Walsh had been thwarted. Sadly, twas not to be.

I am having a pretty good Christmas, thus far. OK, so the annual Grimsby trip is yet to come, but I’m taking a ton of board games, and there’ll be food and drink. Although if they all talk at a very loud volume during Kylie Who I will not be impressed.
I had a Crimbo party on the 15th, with mulled wine, cranberry and white choc tart, brownies, mince pies, star shaped pretzels and a ton of other food. We had our work Christmas lunch on Weds, at the Runaway Girl, and one of our students was waitressing, which was a little weird. In the evening it was our community Christmas meal at Arena Square, and I’ll facebook the photos for anyone who cares. Thursday we had games, Saturday was a visit to the Hutchies to see Chris, Fiona, and of course, the girlies. Rosie was in a funny mood, and Miranda was sleepy. And cute. And large (she is the size of someone twice her age!)
Sunday was a shop in MH and Waitrose for some essentials – and I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of queues when I went (through Waitrose’s car park was overflowing in the moring, so presumably everyone was all shopped out by the afternoon) Crimbo Arkham Horror (wel, OK, regular Arkham Horror, though they shoudld bring out a Christmas version, seeing as yuo can get Cthulhu Santa) and prezzies with Bex, Panda, Phil, Lin, Megan and Paul and today am having my own little chill Christmas (coupled with a bit of work and packing). Although Starbucks didn’t have any cranberry and orange muffins in today, boo….
This Christmas I have also enjoyed the BBC Doctor Who advent calendar and Dunkley’s LC advent calendar.
I am very much looking forward to Carols from King’s, To The Manor Born, Top of The Pops (Fearne aside), presents, food, drink, Joseph and Maria, Kylie Who, Kylie Who and Kylie Who.
I probably won’t post more today or tomorrow, so Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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