Deck the halls with boughs of holly

First things first, my news is a bit nothingy. Although I have waited OVER A WEEK for Kylie’s X to be delivered from now. Will this top Voyager series 2’s two and a half week trek from Amazon? I bloomin well hope not.

Second things second, a couple of blogs to recommend to you. I don’t normally bother, because if you know people, you probably already know their blog address, and if you don’t, you probably don’t care. But these are worth a squiz whoever you are. Andrew Collins’ blog is always worth a gander, although it can be a bit self-congratulatory at times (come on Andrew, Not Going Out was rubbish). But he does have a few interesting points about the whole Morrissey debacle. And Alex and Hannah’s blog is also chortlesome of late. Even if you don’t know them, their observations of moving to the strange land of America are still worth checking out.


The big news is I had something published in a national newspaper for the first time today. It was a witty, intertextual metacommentary on popular culture, and featured in the Independent’s media section.

It was this:

It was part of a longer article where the lovely Paul was being interviewed about Lowculture. You can read the interview here, but if you want to see the LOLyoaks macros in all their cglory (and a nice piccy of Paul himself) you’ll have to buy it.

I am on preview duty for much of this week. And now with all this national coverage… oh, the pressure….!


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