Reasons why SHU is better than the other place, part 5634972

I am an external borrower at Sheffuni library. I borrowed some week loan books there on Friday. I intend to return them tomorrow.

This morning I had an email from them that was entitled ‘Pre-overdue notice’. Pre-overdue notice? I mean, a calling it a reminder, maybe, would be ok, but assuming people are going to go overdue the day before their due date on a WEEK loan is a little judgemental, no?

It’s like calling all the customers lazy forgetful sods who disrespect the library. Hardly customer friendly.

And there are no toilets in the main part of the library.

AND external borrowers are not allowed near the holy ground of the swanky new Information Commons. I pointed out a couple of the books I want are in there and was happy just to look at them and not borrow them. ‘I’m afraid not’. Well, is there any way I can read them? ‘I’m not sure, maybe fill in a request form and wait a few days to see if they can be sent here for you’ – THE BOOKS ARE ON THE SHELVES ACROSS THE ROAD. I AM NOT ABOUT TO MOLEST/MURDER THE STUDENTS. I JUST WANT TO FLICK THROUGH THEM AND SEE IF THEY ARE USEFUL.

Most un-Sheffield-resident-friendly uni ever.


One thought on “Reasons why SHU is better than the other place, part 5634972

  1. Sheffield Uni is sh*te. Hallam is miles better in soooo many ways and yet still they look down their stuck up noses at us.
    I’ve never forgiven them for charging 3p for the plasic cups they give you free water in….

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